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Charleston, SC

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About Us

I am a hopeless dog lover.  Mitzi was my dog  for 12 years.  And of course she was great.  She was hilarious…and we went everywhere together.  When she first came into my life I also had a Bichon Frise named Snowball.  One of the things they shared – other than their dinner - was the fact that they were both white. And in the summer when they were clipped you could see their pink skin.

Snowball liked the beach and even went sailing. And Mitzi could bask in the sun at the dog run as if she were a cat.  And each of them managed to get sunburned – enough so that I noticed, but not enough, thank goodness, to result in any long-term damage.  But sunburn is an issue for any dog – big or small, white or brown. And this is where SOLARDOGZ comes in.

I could never bring myself to use sunscreen creams made for dogs. Or make them stay out of the sun.  So I did a lot of research and decided to create these t-shirts that are made with SPF fabric and have a UV protection of UPF 40 – 50+.

I hope you will consider these for your dogz – and remember – the sun is out all year round.  You need protection, and so do your dogz.