Attic Insulation Can Help You Save Money

Attic insulation is made from Rigid Fiber Insulation. It is a very effective way to lower your heating and cooling costs. Attics are essentially the coldest part of the home and are used chiefly as storage. You must keep your attic insulated for the following reasons. You will learn why you should protect it and how.attic insulation

Attic Insulation prevents the formation of mold. Attics get a lot of moisture, and they act as an excellent place for mold to grow. If you have a wet basement, you will see that mold can form and grow in any area with too much moisture. Attic insulation prevents mold growth, and you will not have to deal with black mold or other unsightly mold-related problems. This type of insulation prevents decay from growing, and it also makes it hard for mold to thrive.

The new insulation also insulates your attic from the outside elements. During the winter months, when you may not be using your attic for anything other than keeping your roof warm, moisture from outside can seep into your attic. In the summertime, the same thing can happen if you have old insulation in your attic. Old insulation lets in too much moisture and that can cause for the growth of mold.

Attic insulation also protects your home from extreme weather conditions. When you seal your attic you prevent heat from escaping from the exterior. This means that your attic will stay cooler during the summer and your attic will stay warmer during the winter. Having a properly insulated attic greatly reduces the risk of high winds blowing your roof off and making your roof and attic extremely uncomfortable.

A quick way to save on attic insulation is to make sure that you keep the area around your attic clean. If you have a leaky roof, this can often times be rectified with a simple cleaning. However, if your roof insulation is leaking you will need to take it up personally and fix it. For example, if you have poor insulation in your attic then the moisture can easily seep into the walls and through the ceiling of your home. A little amount of water is nothing when compared to how much your water bill would increase if your roof were to burst. The added expense of hiring a professional to come out and give you a free estimate will be well worth it in the end.

Attic insulation should not be done without considering the R-value of the material. The R-value is the standard measurement that is used to rate the insulation effectiveness. An attic with a high r-value has the ability to trap more heat than an attic with a low r-value. Attic insulation with a high r-value also has the ability to improve the overall energy efficiency of a home.

Proper attic insulation installation should be done by a certified or licensed professional. There are many different companies that advertise doing their own insulating but you should never attempt this on your own. Having an improperly installed r-value can end up costing you money later. If you want to save a few dollars and not have to worry about the health of your family then you should install the proper attic insulation. It can be an extremely affordable investment for you and your family.

As we have mentioned before, adding insulation to your attic can be an extremely affordable addition to your overall home improvement project. If you look online, you should find several companies that are willing to do this job for you. If you feel as though you can handle the project on your own, go ahead. Just make sure that you follow the steps listed above and you will save yourself a lot of money in the future. You will also be able to decrease the amount of money that you are spending on your monthly energy bills.