Can Solar Panels Power My Entire House?

Can Solar Panels Power My Entire House?adminMon, 09/20/2021 – 8:00am

Many people have wondered whether solar panels can truly provide enough energy to power their entire home. Do solar panels let them go off the grid completely? Or is it impossible for solar panels to fully power your home? While solar panels definitely can power your entire house, the “how” requires some additional explaining.

How Solar Panels Generate Power

Solar panels capture photons (or particles of light) from sunlight to generate electricity. Even during cloudy weather, panels are able to produce some electricity. During the day, solar systems typically produce more power than is actually needed. This excess energy can be sent to the utility grid or stored in a solar battery system. At night, when the panels are not generating electricity, your home can draw on this excess energy to remain fully solar reliant.

Key Considerations For Your Solar System

Enabling your home to be completely solar powered requires consideration of a few important factors. For example, your household’s average energy usage will determine how many solar panels are needed to supply enough electricity. The slope of your roof and the amount of sunlight your property receives can also influence how much energy each panel produces. Installation technicians use this information to determine the best placement and number of panels your system will require to fully cover your energy needs.

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