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Solar Energy Investment Activity Booms in 2021

Solar Energy Investment Activity Booms in 2021Sunrise SolarMon, 08/02/2021 – 8:00am
Solar Energy Investment Activity Booms in 2021

Solar energy has become an increasingly popular resource for powering homes and businesses alike — and the numbers prove it! In fact, investment in solar has increased dramatically during the first half of 2021, showing just how much potential there is for this clean energy source.

A Major Increase

A recent report from Mercom Capital Group reveals that funding in the solar sector reached an incredible $13.5 billion in the first half of 2021 — an increase of 193 percent from the year before. As the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, it is clear that investors are expressing more interest than ever in harnessing renewable energy.

What’s Behind the Trend?

Understandably, investments in 2020 were significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. But the large increase in 2021 isn’t just a reflection of investors being more willing to start spending money again. Solar developers are expanding their operations significantly as demand for their products increases. Interestingly, this also includes oil and gas companies making an effort to expand into renewable energy, as they recognize shifting customer demand.

You may not be a big-time investor, but there is no denying that solar energy can still be an important investment for your home or business. Contact Sunrise Solar today to learn more about how a solar array installation can improve your property’s energy usage and help you save money.