The Power of Going Green with Solar

The Power of Going Green with SolarSunrise SolarMon, 08/09/2021 – 8:00am
The Power of Going Green with Solar

“Going green” is a popular phrase that encompasses a wide variety of actions we can take to reduce our impact on the environment. For both homes and businesses, electricity is one of the largest contributors to a property’s carbon footprint. Fortunately, making the switch to solar is a great way to commit to going green.

How is Solar Green?

Solar is considered a green energy source because it generates electricity using a highly renewable resource — sunlight. Solar panels convert ultraviolet rays to electricity in a process that does not release harmful byproducts into the atmosphere. While the process of manufacturing solar panels does require some energy and raw material use, the total carbon footprint of solar panels is much less than that of other non-renewable sources.

Why is Green Energy Important?

Traditional energy sources like coal and crude oil produce high levels of carbon emissions and other pollutants. This is a known contributor to climate change and pollution — one need only look at smog-enveloped cities to see its impact. This pollution can also contribute to respiratory problems. In addition, these energy sources are non-renewable — meaning there is a limited supply that will eventually run out. Green energy sources like solar avoid all of these problems.

If you are interested in going green to protect the environment (and help your finances), solar panels are a great option. At Sunrise Solar, we can design solar installations custom-fitted to your property to maximize energy production so you can minimize your carbon footprint.